Advertising Bulletin Boards in Europe

Our 14x4 meters unipole sign is basicaly the US 48'x14' Bulletin Board


14m x 4m unipole sign is very similar to american Bulletins (48' W x 14' H) format.

This advertising sign is great for exposing a message on heavy traffic roads (motorways or national roads). See Outdoor Advertising Association of Amercia bulletin page >>

In conjunction with a clear and readable message, 14x4 meters buletin ensures effective high impact OOH campaigns using audience and segmentation provided by Romania's Major Roads. For example, DN1 (National Road No.1 linking Bucharest to Brasov) or A1 Motorway (inking Bucharest to Pitesti) exceed 50.000 vehicles / day.

High flow rate means high speed moving cars. The message should be readable from a long distance using high contrast and simple graphic composition. Using clear and simple keywords on billboards and keeping details for online media is usually a good mix.


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14x9m roadside billboard advertising in Romania
Our 14x9m format is basically made of two decks x 14x4m having 1 meter gap. PVC vinyl posters (coated frontlit) mounted on steel structure offer 14x9m area for each side.
14x4m billboards roadside advertising in Romania
The most effective format for major roads (Romanian highways and motorways) is 14x4m unipole sign.
Autdoor Billboards audience (circulation)
Bilboard audience estimation for DN1 (Bucharest - Ploiesti) near Corbeanca / Balotesti