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Motorway / Highway advertising in Romania

We are an outdoor media agency focused on highest vehicle flow rate and big signs

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Outdoor Media Audience

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Adwords, SEO and Outdoor Advertising

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Advertising on Bulletin Boards

Unipole signs network. Large format advertising signs targeting Romania's Motorways, Highways and major roads.

Advertising on Romania's major roads

Billboard advertising on the route from Bucharest - Ilfov region to Prahova Valley.

Large format outdoor advertising locations on DN1 national road.
AADF (Annual Average Daily Flow) for DN1 (National Road no.1) may vary from 40.000 to 53.000 vehicles from one road segment to another. This is the highest AADF for a Romanian major road. Another route with equivalent AADF is Bucharest - Pitesti (A1 Motorway) that links western region of Romania with Bucharest.

The Map of Advertising Locations

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