14x4m Bulletin Boards in Romania (large scale advertising signs)

Advertising campaigns for people on the move


Wizard Media network is based on 14m x 4m advertising boards. This format has been originated from American Bulletin Boards 48' x 14'.

Advertising and media agencies that reconfigured Romanian advertising industry after 1989, called them unipole signs (or "unipoles")

"Bulletins are the largest and among the most impactful standard-sized OOH media formats. Located primarily on major roads, they attract high-density consumer exposure (mostly to vehicular traffic, but often to pedestrians). Bulletins afford heightened visibility due not only to their size, but also because they allow creative customizing through extensions and embellishments."

This format (14 meters width x 4 meters height) is the most common in Wizard Media network (countrywide coverage). Being able to swap 14x4m Banners among same sized locations is a great advantage while it enables Floating Campaigns option.

Bulletin Boards in Europe; 14 meters x 4 meters


14x9m roadside billboard advertising in Romania
Our 14x9m format is basically made of two decks x 14x4m having 1 meter gap. PVC vinyl posters (coated frontlit) mounted on steel structure offer 14x9m area for each side.
Roadside advertising billboards and spectaculars in Romania
Large scale advertising sign. Spectacular 14m x 14m megaposters are mounted on 3 x 14x4 decks (3 bulletin boards on a single pole).
Autdoor Billboards audience (circulation)
Bilboard audience estimation for DN1 (Bucharest - Ploiesti) near Corbeanca / Balotesti