Roadside advertising agency in Romania (billboards and spectaculars)

Outdoor advertising services on Romanian highways and motorways since 2001


Wizard Media owns and operates a national billboard advertising plant in Romania (large formats / countrywide). We cover Romanian Highways and Motorways with double sided 14mx4m advertising structures (unipole signs) which are very close to 48'x14' American Bulletins.

Motorways and major Highway segments are suitable for very large advertising locations. Here are our standard and special formats (giant advertising signs) we have included in our network: 8x3m, 14x4m, 14x9m, 14x14m, 30x10m, 75x15m

Since 2001 we kept ourselves focused on Roadside advertising services using large format billboards exposing on highways and motorways.

Helping our clients to get the most of their advertising budget is part of our job. Although a billboard is a basic communication tool, outdoor advertising has it's own tricks that you should be aware of before planning your campaign. It's nothig very complicated but important.

Use a clean billboard layout, make sure it's properly integrated in your communication mix, make sure you know who's using the route you target, learn to use internet tools (like Google Analytics) to monitor your results. We would be happy to talk more about your marketing goals and to share our experience in outdoor targeting Romania's roads.

14x9m Spectacular advertising signs in Romania