Billboard campaigns - audience estimation (Romanian Highways)

Big city streets are crowded. Highways are fast. Motorways are faster. Advertise different.


Traffic congestion might increase the reading time for drivers waiting close to a billboard while billboard's circulation will decrease. Highways and motorways were made to ensure the highest Average Annual Daily Flow values while the reading time will depend on the billboard size and message clarity and simplicity. We also presume a meaningful message will be used.

Some AADF (Annual Average Daily Flow) figures:

  1. DN1 Highway Km 12 to Km 15 segment (Bucharest Ring - Henri Coanda Airport)
    54.000 vehicles/day
  2. A1 Motorway - Km 30 - Km 50 segment
    47.700 vehicles/day
  3. A1 Motorway - Km 11 - Km 30 segment
    42.700 vehicles/day
  4. DN2 (E85) Highway - Bucharest / Afumati
    42.700 vehicles/day
  5. DN1 Highway Km 40 - Km 54 (Ciolpani - Ploiesti ring)
    39.170 vehicles/day
  6. DN2A Highway Constanta - Ovidiu
    37.600 vehicles/day
  7. A1 Motorway (Pitesti)
    36.189 vehicles/day
  8. DN2 (E85) Highway (Buzau - Focsani segment)
    32.500 vehicles/day
  9. DN1 Highway (Otopeni - Corbeanca segment)
    31.200 vehicles/day


For a quick but still effective traffic flow estimation, some short movies may be taken and then used for counting passing vehicles. Just play each movie twice to count vehicles for each way. Here are some exemples:

  • DN1 Highway short movie 26.Oct.2012 18:08 >>
  • A1 Highway short movie 22.Feb.2015 15:43 >>



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