Spectacular outdoor advertising campaigns on A2 Motorway

large scale special formats and bulletin boards


Romanian seaside resorts daily average hosted tourists during summertime 4 month season (Iun - Sep) estimation is 200.000 hosted toursists / day.

A high traffic summer week-end may reach 67.000 vehicles / direction. Bucharest-Constanta A2 Motorway has two lanes/direction and provides an average capacity of 2.500 vehicles/hour/direction thar is reached during summer weekends.

Romanian Seaside (Black Sea Coast) entry points are:

  • A2 Motorway (via A4 Constanta bypass Motorway)
  • Kogalniceanu Airport
  • Vama Veche (terrestrial border)
  • E87 Highway (DN2A Ovidiu)
A2 Motorway is the most important connection between all Romania's regions (except Moldova). Henri Coanda International Airoport (Otopeni) route to Romanian Seaside is also using A2 Motorway route (total trip time is aboute 2h 30min).


Advertising on this major route (Bucharest to Romanian Seaside Resorts on the Black Sea Coast of Romania) use large scale advertising signs (14x4m, 14x9m, 14x14m, 30x10m, 75x15m). Roadside advertising on this motorway reaches people traveling to any Seaside destination, including Danube Delta. This is the reason we invested in the largest OOH advertising structure in Romania: 75x15 Cernavoda multipillar.


Spectaculars on Bucharest - Constanta Motorway (A2)


14x9m roadside billboard advertising in Romania
Our 14x9m format is basically made of two decks x 14x4m having 1 meter gap. PVC vinyl posters (coated frontlit) mounted on steel structure offer 14x9m area for each side.
14x4m billboards roadside advertising in Romania
The most effective format for major roads (Romanian highways and motorways) is 14x4m unipole sign.
Autdoor Billboards audience (circulation)
Bilboard audience estimation for DN1 (Bucharest - Ploiesti) near Corbeanca / Balotesti