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14m x 4m bulletin board - unipole signs

Bulletin board network major roads - national coverage

Targeting high traffic (50.000 vehicles / day) and 100Km/h maximum legal speed requires large signs and a clear message.

Wizard Media owns and operates the most important National Coverage Network, targeting Romania's motorways, higways and major roads.

The main format in our network is 14m x 4m unipole. The outdoor advertising sign provides 2 sides (56m sqm each surface area): 4 meters height x 14 meters. Billboard elevation is 8 up to 12 meters. Total sign height: 12 to 16 meters. This billboard format was imported in Romania after 1989 from 14'x48' american bulletin board monopole (single pole) signs and became an industry standard for romanian national roads and motorways outdoor media advertising signs.

This sign size is suitable for large, readable messages. Operating more than 500 outdoor advertising units (double sided) is allowing flexible media plans, last minute offers, floating campaigns and poster swap option.

Advertising signs - billboard sizes

  • 14x4m (bulletin board) - unipole sign
  • 14x9m (double billboard) - unipole sign
  • 15x10m BACKLIT Signs
  • 14x14m (tripple billboard) - unipole sign [romanian only]
  • special 30x10m (two poles) [romanian only]
  • special 75x15m (five poles) [romanian only]
  • backlit special 15x10m - reinforced pole [romanian only]
  • 8x3m (small size) unipole