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Outdoor advertising on 14x9m unipole signs

unipole advertising sign 14m x 9m format

BMW 3 Series outdoor campaign. 14m x 9m unipole sign on A1 Motorway (Bucuresti - Pitesti)

Large format advertising signs 14x9m bulletin board unipole sign

Mounting two 14 meters x 4 meters units on the same pole and having 1 meter vertical gap, makes 14m x (4 + 1 + 4)m = 14x9m = 56 sqm posting area. This way, 14x9m format offers a photo friendly format, while 14x4m (14'x48' bulletin board equivalent) is highly effective for large text based artworks.

As long as 14x4m Bulletin board is rather a text friendly format, 14x9m could be used for photo based advertising messages.

Advertising signs - billboard sizes

  • 14x4m (bulletin board) - unipole sign
  • 14x9m (double billboard) - unipole sign
  • 15x10m BACKLIT Signs
  • 14x14m (tripple billboard) - unipole sign [romanian only]
  • special 30x10m (two poles) [romanian only]
  • special 75x15m (five poles) [romanian only]
  • backlit special 15x10m - reinforced pole [romanian only]
  • 8x3m (small size) unipole