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Best Practice - OOH Advertising on Highways

Text based advertising

High contrast. Simple text message. Clear images. Be brief!

Be careful about Visual Clutter

Most wanted Highway segments (like roads to Airports) may also be tricky due to various ad signs clutter. Some locations outside "most wanted zone" could be more effective due to better impact.

Simple and clear Message

No matter what, keep your message simple. I'm driving here. I might see your ad but I'm not willing to read stories on billboards.

Careful when using photos

Some photos might be great on your monitor but useless on your billboard. Make sure I will be able to understand your photo while I'm driving.

Integrate OOH with other media (Online, Radio, TV)

Just use a big copy like "The New Honda CRV" and I will get the rest of information online. Don't waste ad space with useless photos hard to understand while driving. Send me a brief and clear message and let me drive.

Motorway advertising should be different

Ad messages exposed on a bus shelter have the chance to be read peacefuly. The flow is not great but the reading time is ok. Advertising on Highways or Motorways should expose much less information but will be rewarded by ofer 40.000 vehicles / day. Don't waste the best ingredient we are offering you. Don't mix citylights with spectaculars. You might waste some budget here ...

Learn how to negotiate with us.

Sometimes we really able to negotiate great rental prices. When? When we have more available locations. Keep in touch with us in order to find out special network opportunities. We'll let you know when a major campaigns ends and you might make a better choice for your OOH project. A last minute offer during summer holliday might also help.

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