Drive more clients to your store using Billboards and Waze

Just write on the billboard the phrase to be searched on Waze map!


Google Maps service is awsome and Waze is one of the most used navigation application.

Just search for a place on Waze and you will get the best route to it, having permanent realtime information about traffic, stalls, accidents, gas price or police reports.

Outdoor directional signs become less important for your roadmap and placing a business location on online map is getting vital for any business place owner. Placing your hotel, shop or showroom on Google Maps should be the first step as long as many other map service providers are using Google Services.

While roadside advertising is the best visual media targeting drivers and car passengers, Waze is their best navigation tool.

This way, driving customers to your showroom is simple. Use an advertising billboard to tell them you are on the map and help them with the right phrase to be searched.


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14x9m roadside billboard advertising in Romania
Our 14x9m format is basically made of two decks x 14x4m having 1 meter gap. PVC vinyl posters (coated frontlit) mounted on steel structure offer 14x9m area for each side.
14x4m billboards roadside advertising in Romania
The most effective format for major roads (Romanian highways and motorways) is 14x4m unipole sign.
Autdoor Billboards audience (circulation)
Bilboard audience estimation for DN1 (Bucharest - Ploiesti) near Corbeanca / Balotesti