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Floating campaigns (flexible renting)

Allowing ad banners flexible exposure will lower your budget

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Most of Wizard Media advertising locations are 14x4 meters format (double sided). Fixed campaigns rental is usually negotiated for a 750 - 1100 EUR monthy fee (VAT 19% should be added) depending on campaign duration, payment agreements, campaign volume, agency rebate or other details.
Having a national network based on 14x4m bulletin boards (about 500 units) offers a great opportunity for our clients: a lower rent for floating campaigns.

Here is how it works:

I will deschibe a very simple example where a client rents only one location (including two 14x4m banners; one each driving way). The campaign will target Bucharest + Ilfov area residents that are using DN1 Bucharest - Ploiesti - Brasov week-end route (40.000 vehicles / day Average Annual Daily Flow). Campaign duration 12 months.
Agency will select available locations on DN1 Bucharest - Brasov route. Usually there are about 20 - 30 locations avaliable on this route.
Floating Campaign Client chooses one available location (ex: campaign will start on L0628 location).
Initial costs will be invoiced (2 x 56 square meters banners + posting services). Roughly 1000 EUR (+19% VAT)
Floating Campaign rent is 450 EUR/location (+ 19% VAT + 3% Local Tax) monthly fee (rent). Agency will invoice each advertising month 450 EUR + 3% LT + 19% VAT
Locations already included in Floating campaigns cannot be offered for other Floating projects but only for Fixed Campaigns.
If a fixed campaign requires a location already booked by a floting one, the following procedure will be applied: Agency will send available location list to Floating client. Floating client will select another location on the list. Agency will provide redecoration (reposting) services to the new location free of charge and the campaign will keep rolling.
This way, a Floating campaign client will have the same advertising exposure like a Fixed campaign client for a much lower monthly fee in return to it's flexible option.