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Integrating Outdoor Media with Online Media

Outdoor traffic to online traffic conversion

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Can traditional media help new media?

As long as online campaigns can reach only people seaching certains words, a healthy marketing campaign will also need traditional media. Communicate your product keywords on a billboard and people will visit your site. Tell people something smart about your online business and your online campaign will get better.

Effective outdoor campaigns need effective online marketing.


Mixing Outdoor Media with Online Media (SEO, Google Adwords, Social Media)

Using online Keyords on billboard campaigns

Basically onine advertising steps are:

  • Build a reliable website (unique and clear content, responsive web design)
  • Update it and keep it optimized (SEO, usability, design, content)
  • Build your Online Campaigns, (Google Adwords, Display Network, social media actions, blogs, and so on ...)
  • You may also try professional help from online Agencies (SEO, PPC, Google Adwords, Analytics, Remarketing experts). Make sure you get a good team. Worth every penny.

Finally, you will reach some of your potential customers that you targeted ONLINE. The better is the campaign, the more of them you will get.

What about those potential clients you did not reach yet?


What if you are selling bedroom furniture and the guy would buy a DSLR or a new TV Set or would go for a Holiday or he's not so sure? What if that guy did not search your targeted keywords?

You may get them with classic media. Make a billboard ad and tell everyone that you are going to discount 30% for your product. They might postpone renewing their foto camera and buy your product first.

Link your billboard message with your website's keywords
Use your keywords in your billboard ad. Give them a chance to reach your product web page. Make sure that your website is working and you did your SEO work. After you've got their attention, offer all the details they might need using your online marketing tools.

Use advertising billboards to boost your online campaign.